OII People’s Choice Award!

Sage Theule, Book of Ruth series: “Go Your Way, For I Am Too Old”, “Please Let Me Glean After the Reapers”, “If He Is Not Willing, I Will Redeem You”

Viewer comments on “Please Let Me Glean” (middle image):  It has a beautiful aesthetic and message. The grace, kindness, understanding and dignity portrayed in this story of Ruth and Boaz perfectly depicts the way I hope we will one day treat our poor and our immigrants. Love the craftsmanship on this one. Excellent attention to detail and something new I’ve never seen before.

Artist Bio: Sage Theule is a junior at Biola University studying art, great books, and writing. She is originally from the central coast of California. Aesthetically, she is interested in the tension between traditional materials and contemporary trends. Conceptually, she is interested in what it means to be an individual meant for community, an Image-bearer among a world of Image-bearers, and, as an artist, an image-maker in the midst of image-viewers.

OII Juried Prize!

1st place

Sherry Xiao, Mary of Bethany

Multiple jury members commented on Xiao’s artistic skill and her non-traditional depiction of a biblical narrative. They appreciated the cultural representation of space and the fact that the work used traditional palette while also conveying a contemporary feel.

Artist bio: Sherry Xiao is a Bay Area based artist, working in painting and installation. She has a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis in Art and Psychological & Brain Sciences, with a minor in Design. Her work deals with faith, food, and the feeling of belonging.



OII was at the CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) conference this weekend promoting the Refiguring the Biblical art competition. That’s OII co-founder Christina Valentine on the plenary panel (second from the left). The conference theme, Making Now, was right up our alley.